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Gamers' Oasis


Alliance partners/clients and products

Great Novelty Electronic Co. Limited.
Game Stop
EB Games
Video games
Video game accessories
Sports Supplies

HOW CAN I BUY A PRODUCT? Simply browse through our website, select an item, copy the identification number, and either mail us your order, call us (a credit card is necessary), or more preferably use our PayPal system. Note: A tax charge of 8.25% will be added to all products. (All products will be sent to the address listed on the order or can be picked up at our headquarters.) OUR MISSION: Gamers’ Oasis is an online company that ships various products to the anywhere in the US. Our goal is to meet the consumers Demands at the right price. By creating a strategic alliance directly with Manufacturers we are able to give the general public top quality items for a fraction of the market price. CONTACT INFORMATION: Our headquarters is located in Edinburg, TX. Our address: Po Box 777 Zip code: 98765. Our toll free number: 1-800-123-4567 or reach us by e-mail at "THIS IS NOT A REAL BUSINESS. IT IS A PROJECT FOR A CLASS!"